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"The relation between the subject and the matter that it is being photographed on have always intrigued me and is essential to understanding the importance of instant photography.
These representations or moments, when met - are being reduced to definitions like Lust and greed, beauty and sadness, fantasy and depression. Pieces of personal memories or relationships of all kinds, encapsulated in a physical object as if it was a witness for it's occurrence.
And like a memory, the photo will gradually fade and change overtime, collecting new insights and meanings along the way, up until it's timely demise."

Ariel Shelleg is an Israeli based Photographer and Filmmaker.
His work has been exhibited and featured internationally, including the book 'Polaroid now: The History and Future of Polaroid Photography', InstantArt Exhibitions in Arles (VOIES OFF) and Paris (PHOTO OFF), SAATCHI the other art fair in Los Angeles, Photos de femmes Awards by Renee Jacobs and in the permanent collection of Stefanie Schneider's Polaroid Museum at Bombay beach, California.

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