Born 1986, Israel.

Shelleg studied filmography in Tel-Aviv and has been producing, directing, shooting and editing documentaries, commercials,TV series and music videos for the past 10 years.

As a Polaroid artist, Shelleg is exhibited in different expos and festivals around the world and is a part on the InstantArt Group curated by Herr Merzi and the Instant Dreams gallery curated by Stefanie Schneider.

Being a musician and a child actor for most of his early life, art has always surrounded Shelleg in many forms.

a random encounter with a Polaroid camera in his neighborhood photo shop reignited the passion for analog photography and became a new source of artistic outlet for dealing with anxiety, depression and fragility. Shooting with expired films introduced new contingencies that welcomed the unexpected and allowed Shelleg to conceptually integrate his artistic backgrounds.

Ariel Shelleg | filmmaker, Polaroid artist

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