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2019 | Paris Photo Fair
France November 8th - 10th 

2019 | Arles Voies Off Festival

France July 15th - 20th


2019 InstantCologne

Germany May 3-5 PhotoSzene Festival


2019 | instant dreams

@ SAATCHI the other art fair


2019 | The Bombay Beach Biennale

March 22-24

The Bombay Beach Biennale is a renegade celebration of art, music, and philosophy that takes place each year on the literal edge of western civilization, at the shores of the Salton Sea. The Biennale, founded in 2015, transforms abandoned housing, vacant lots, and decaying shoreline into a unique canvas for creative expression. Artists, philosophers, creators and makers across many mediums donate their time and talents to the volunteer-led happening.

Stefanie Schneider is delighted to show you work from 17 instant photographers from all over the world, who have produced stunning work- whether it be landscapes, nudes or portraits. From the end of March, The Polaroid Museum will open its doors daily and reveal to you some of the best contemporary instant photography in the world. The local art community is trying very hard to put Bombay Beach back on the map, and we would like to put The Polaroid Museum firmly on your list of must-see galleries in the area.

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and a really nice story at coolhunting-com


2019 | Polaroid Of The Day Feature

An interview with Andres Aguilar Caro, Founder and Chief Editor of POTD about my work process, the future of instant photography and general Art talk. (click on the photo) ​

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2018 | Paris, France

November 9th - 11th


2018 | Arles, France

July 16th - 22th